How To Use This App

We tried to make this web-app as easy to use as possible but here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Step 1:  Save the web-app to your Home Screen (optional)

If you're using this on web-app mobile phone, you can save it to your home screen for quick access. No more URL typing for you!

On Android: Open the site, click the Menu button, and then click Add to Home Screen

On iPhone: Open the website in Safari, click the Share button, and then choose Add to Home Screen

Step 2: Pick a type any type

With over 20 different resources types, like clothing and job readiness, finding what you need is easy. All programs have been labeled with a resource type so if you aren’t sure what you need scroll through the options in the Resource Type drop down menu.


Step 3. Make the app work harder for you (optional)

Some programs focus on working with certain people such as parenting, foster or LGBTQIA youth. If you are interested in seeing a list of programs that focus on serving cerain people select the Show Advanced Filters button and select options that apply to you. This step is totally optional, but can help you get a more custom list.

Step 4: Search and get your results

After you select a resource type and any other options you like hit the Search button. The app will supply you with a list of programs on the left-hand side and a map of the same programs on the right. To learn more info about any of the programs click on their title or their icon on the map.

Step 5: Explore programs

After clicking on a program, you will be able to read basic info about it like its hours and what they do.  Want to save or share a program? You can text a resource to yourself or others by entering your phone number and hitting the Text Me button.  Rate any resource you have used by clicking the stars under the Submit a Review title and clicking the Submit button.

Step 6: Looking for something super specific (optional)

If you know the name of the program you are looking for you can type its name in the Search by name field and then hit the Search button. This will take you to the page that tells you basic info about the program.